Friday, 1 April 2011


Mmmmmh,they say the first impression is the best so here i am joining the blogging family,the amazing family,so this is my first impression which should matter after all.

I've always been willing to set up my blog since God knows when,an avenue for my food of thought,ideas,opinions and most of all to set up my writing talent on a more reasonable platform rather than paper and pen that will make me end up with a starsh oh pieces of writings,and i'm not willing to have a library in my room.

I don't understand much about blogging,that is the sincere part but nobody was born knowledgable,we all learn and i'm through my first learning experience.It will be an open venture a place where you can lay your line of thought,critic and basically share aloud

I don't much about how good i impress at first but that's upto you you to tell per see.with my premier post,i think this will be the real main line zone for you and me,welcome to my world.